Kenya: 02 civilians killed and 10 injured in attack led by Al-Shabab

Somalia: 18 al-Shabab elements neutralized in the center of the country

Eighteen members of the al-Shabab rebel group were neutralized during a counter-terrorism operation carried out by the Somali army’s special forces in Galmudug state, central Somalia. The operation made it possible to destroy a stock of weapons and explosives, thus weakening the presence of the movement which is affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

According to reports by Somali state television, special forces of the Somali army carried out an anti-terrorism military operation in villages and towns around Galmudug state in the center of the country. During this operation, eighteen al-Shabab fighters, including field commanders, were neutralized. Additionally, a large stockpile of weapons and explosives was destroyed, dealing a significant blow to the operational capacity of the rebel group.

Al-Shabab, ideologically affiliated with Al-Qaeda, has been waging war against the Somali government for several years. This armed movement has claimed responsibility for numerous terrorist operations, resulting in the loss of many human lives. Somali security forces have intensified efforts to weaken and neutralize al-Shabab’s presence in the country.

So far, al-Shabab has not issued an official statement in response to this military operation. However, the neutralization of eighteen of its members represents a setback for the rebel group, as well as a victory for Somali security forces in their efforts to combat terrorism and restore stability in the region.