Cameroon: Samuel Eto'o cited again in a corruption case

Resignation of Samuel Eto’o: the president of Fecafoot tackles the deputy Aboubakar Ibrahim

Samuel Eto’o, accused of simulating his resignation from Fecafoot, responded coldly to Aboubakar Ibrahim on his Facebook page.

Recently, the 42-year-old former footballer published a video on his Facebook page. It was a recording of a conversation from a WhatsApp forum where “the big 9” was present. In this post, Eto’o sent a message to MP Aboubakar Ibrahim after submitting his resignation from Fecafoot. In fact, the latter accused him of having staged his departure from the sports association. Faced with this publication, Samuel Eto’o clearly expressed his disagreement with this accusation.

After the announcement of his resignation from Fecafoot, rejected by the Executive Committee, MP Aboubakar Ibrahim affirmed that the president had staged his departure from scratch. In a WhatsApp forum, he said: “It’s a little ploy to distract people… You are elected by an AG and you are going to submit your resignation to the Executive Committee! »

In reaction, Samuel Eto’o quickly responded to this criticism. “Mr. Aboubakar Ibrahim, Mr. Deputy, please, mediocrity is above all a character trait, it is content to give less than the best of oneself, a personal resignation mixed with lethargy which pushes one to say: I find that this is quite good. It doesn’t take long for mediocrity to spread throughout society, putting the nation in danger. I understand you, Mr. Deputy”he responded after announcing his resignation from Fecafoot.