Putin and Al-Sisi launch construction of Egypt's nuclear power plant

Putin and Al-Sisi launch construction of Egypt’s nuclear power plant

In a ceremony held by videoconference, Russian Presidents Vladimir Putin and Egyptian Presidents Abdel Fattah al-Sissi marked the start of the pouring of concrete on the fourth block of the El-Dabaa nuclear power plant. This large-scale project, located 350 kilometers from Cairo, is entrusted to the Russian group Rosatom and aims to diversify Egypt’s energy sources.

The El-Dabaa plant, the first of its kind in Egypt, aims to meet the country’s rapidly growing energy demand. Construction, scheduled to be completed by 2028-2029, is proceeding according to a rigorous schedule with the completion of the four blocks six months apart. The groundbreaking stage, attended by Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, strengthens strategic cooperation between Russia and Egypt in the field of nuclear energy.

The Russian group Rosatom, which oversees the project, demonstrated its commitment by delivering a key device of the safety system for the second El-Dabaa reactor last October. This contribution underlines the importance given to the safety and reliability of the plant, in accordance with the strictest international standards.

The economic benefits of this partnership are also being felt, with the creation of local jobs and the transfer of technological know-how.