“Public appeal and cry of alarm from the family of Jean Jacques Wondo”

“Public appeal and cry of alarm from the family of Jean Jacques Wondo”

We, members of the family of Jean Jacques Wondo Omanyundu, followed like everyone else the events which took place very early on May 19, 2024 in Kinshasa.

The audiovisual press and the political-military authorities have in fact reported an attempted coup d'état by attackers who targeted as critical targets of their goal firstly the residence of the honorable Vital Kamerhe and subsequently the Palace of the Nation.

With amazement, we were unpleasantly surprised to learn, like everyone else, that Jean Jacques Wondo was arrested and is detained by the military intelligence services on the basis of a photo taken in 2016 in Belgium with Mr. Christian Malanga in a dynamic very far removed from the context not only from the point of view of time as indicated above, but also from the point of view of the framework of interaction clearly unrelated to any coup d'état in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Since then, the days have passed and his detention, not otherwise justified, continues this time in the military prison of Kinshasa/Ndolo without a repressive file being opened against him with specific facts with which he is accused.

For us and for anyone who loves justice, this constitutes a pure and simple deprivation of Jean Jacques Wondo's fundamental rights.

Neither the facts mentioned above, nor his well-documented public career as an expert protector of republican values ​​and the interests of the DRC support such an arbitrary deprivation of the freedom of Jean Jacques Wondo.

For the benefit of public opinion, it is appropriate to mention that it is for his expertise favorable to the emergence of the DRC that Jean Jacques Wondo was approached and was given recent responsibilities, bringing him closer to the 'administration. Indeed, Jean Jacques found himself in Kinshasa at the invitation of the outgoing general administrator of the national intelligence agency, retired colonel Lusadusu to bring his expertise and his contribution to the reform of the civil intelligence services. .

The colonel, a doctor by trade, recognized for his great moral integrity and his humanism, found in Jean Jacques a collaborator and valuable support. It would be unimaginable and even absurd in the eyes of any informed observer to associate an action carried out in such a theatrical or even ridiculous manner with the character of Jean Jacques Wondo. Humiliating in this way someone who, out of patriotism, responded to the call of the nation appears to the sons and daughters of Congo scattered across the world as a negative message addressed to the diaspora.

The country's current challenges require the contribution of all human capital in the country, including those trained in relevant skills outside the country.

Therefore, we demand the immediate and unconditional release of Jean Jacques Wondo.

If we naturally make this request to the competent political-administrative authorities, we place it at the same time as a plea for this rule of law advocated by the Head of State and carried by him as a banner within the framework of good governance that 'He supports.

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