No, Congo is not worthy of democracy

No, Congo is not worthy of democracy

The victory of the Congolese president was confirmed this January 9 evening by the Constitutional Court. A decision quickly welcomed by Belgian diplomacy.

Unsurprisingly, the Congolese Constitutional Court confirmed the victory of Félix Tshisekedi in the election of December 20 (and the week that followed). A victory already announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission. Two institutions remodeled by Tshisekedi since his appointment as head of the country by the will of his predecessor Joseph Kabila.

Once again, the president of the DRC did not emerge victorious from the polls. Once again, victory has been monopolized by those in power. Once again, the Congolese people have been robbed, dispossessed by a clique who scrupulously prepared this hold-up. There was never any question of voting in December in the DRC. At most a crude staging denounced by hundreds of videos demonstrating the exceptional level of fraud

No one, apart from the worst zealots of frenzied Tshisekedism, can claim at the end of this macabre farce that Félix Tshisekedi is a legitimate, democratically elected president. Null ? Except our diplomacy which rushed to congratulate the great man less than 25 minutes after his victory was made official. We had to be the first to salute this triumph characterized by a score of 73% of the votes, in a one-round ballot with 24 candidates, not credible.

Is the Congo not worthy of democracy?

This press release from Belgian Foreign Affairs is a shame, which speaks of “logistical and operational flaws”, while calling on the president to “continue his efforts in terms of good governance and human rights”. A message that goes straight to the heart, in particular, of the families of Chérubin Okende, opposition spokesperson assassinated in Kinshasa on July 13, or of Stanis Bujakera, journalist imprisoned in September on the eve of the electoral campaign.

Belgian diplomacy disgraces itself in the DRC in the name of a short-term vision which plays into the hands of a dictator who, without the popular support he boasts of, has only violence and corruption to stay in power . Belgian diplomacy therefore confirms that for it democracy in the DRC should not have the same standards as here. It’s unbearable and terribly sickening.