"We suffer the violence of adversity but ...", Samuel Eto'o comes out of his reserve

New York: Samuel Eto’o’s poignant speech at the UN

Samuel Eto’o was at the United Nations headquarters in New York in the United States on Monday. And the president of the Cameroonian Football Federation has made proposals to eradicate football trafficking.

Far from Cameroon where he is the subject of a CAF investigation into his management at the head of Fécafoot, Samuel Eto’o was at the UN on Monday. The former captain of the Indomitable Lions was invited to the 78th United Nations General Assembly. In the official forum and in front of an audience of senior officials, the ex-footballer gave a poignant speech on the trafficking and exploitation of young players. And the Cameroonian leader made proposals to stem this scourge.

“We could issue a footballer’s identity card containing biometric data and stored in a smart card and in a centralized file at FIFA or elsewhere. Indeed, if fingerprints or other biometric data appear on the smart card, the security gain is greater. The legal obstacles related to the protection of personal data remain to be resolved”he explained.

Before continuing: “Ultimately, the solution to football trafficking lies in the use of new identification and surveillance technologies. These means have the advantage of being both mobile and intelligent, that is to say capable of adapting to the mobility of individuals, tracking their itineraries and determining their true identities. »

The former Barcelona player also suggested the interconnection between public authorities and FIFA. “The solution also lies in the establishment of an integrated system allowing interconnection between the security services of States, its national federations and the global body that is FIFA”he developed.

But as Eto’o admits, this problem can only be completely resolved at the source, that is to say stopping the mass exodus towards the continent. A solution adopted by Cameroon. “As far as we are concerned at Fécafoot, we are doing in-depth work to reduce the attractiveness of exile, by building modern infrastructure and by providing increased income to players. If we manage to stop this exodus, we will be doing a great service to the African continent which needs its youth to develop”concluded the double African Ballon d’Or.

A poignant speech following which, the Cameroonian leader received an honorary award for his involvement in the fight against exploitation and trafficking of human beings in sport.