Nathalie Koah subtly reveals a clue about her companion (photo)

Nathalie Koah: this radical decision of the Cameroonian influencer against her detractors

Cameroonian influencer Nathalie Koah has long been the target of hate speech online. The latter, who had chosen to ignore this situation, has just taken a radical decision to deal with the numerous cyber-harassments.

Cameroonian businesswoman, Nathalie Koah, is going through a difficult time. She publicly expresses her anger towards cybercriminals on social networks. Despite her large audience of several million followers on different platforms, she has been facing offensive comments from many Internet users in Europe and Africa for some time.

The influencer even publicly warned via a post on her Instagram account this Wednesday, May 22, 2024, warning against any attempt to provoke her on social networks.For several weeks, I have been the target of a terrible cyber-harassment campaign, with each of my publications I receive several dozen messages, each one just as hateful as the other.“, she wrote.

Faced with these linguistic excesses on the part of certain Internet users, the author of the book “Renaissance” decided to take a drastic decision. “I decided today to entrust this matter to the office of Maître Nabil Boudi so as not to let anything slip through. Consequently, the perpetrators of this cyber-harassment will answer for their actions before the courts., she adds. Its publication is even accompanied by the photo of the press release from its legal advisor.