Morocco: Maitre Gims offers a villa to his father Djuna Djanana

Morocco: Maitre Gims offers a villa to his father Djuna Djanana

Maître Gims is currently attracting attention on the web following a significant gesture. The rapper of Congolese origin offered a villa to his father Djuna Djanana.

Gandhi Djuna, known as Maître Gims, maintains a close relationship with his father. Very close to him, the rapper does not fail to pay tribute to him through gestures of generosity. After recently offering him a vehicle, Maître Gims has just made another remarkable gesture which arouses the admiration of his fans.

In fact, the husband Demdem offered his father a new villa in Morocco. The news was revealed by Djuna Djanana himself in a voice note recently broadcast on the web, where he expressed his intention to visit the villa that his son bought for him.

I plan to go visit a villa that Gims bought for me “, declared Djuna Djanana. Very quickly, this magnificent gesture on the part of the singer towards his father aroused great admiration from fans.

The news of this exceptional gift quickly aroused the admiration and applause of Maitre Gims fans. This gesture demonstrates not only the rapper's deep attachment to his father, but also his gratitude for the unwavering support received throughout his life.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that the Congolese star has offered a house to her father. A few months ago, Maître Gims had already offered him a house in France.