Morocco: imams sent on mission to Europe, refuse to return

Morocco: imams sent on mission to Europe, refuse to return

Thirteen members of the Moroccan delegation sent to several European countries to lead prayers during the last month of Ramadan have no longer given any sign of life. They preferred to stay in these countries to which they were sent on mission.

Thirteen imams, sent to France, Belgium and Germany by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Morocco for the month of Ramadan, “ have disappeared into the wild » upon their return to the country. According to the daily Assabah, which reports the information in its edition of Thursday, May 2, the 13 imams sent by the Superior Council of Ulemas and the Ministry of Habous nevertheless demonstrate a high level of education.

However, at the end of their mission at the end of the holy month, they disappeared into the wild, preferring to stay in the countries where they were sent, namely France, Spain, Germany, Belgium and Holland. Most of them have a bachelor's degree, a master's degree and even a doctorate.

Strict selection process

These missions are usual for Morocco, which has millions of expatriates in European countries. Every Ramadan, several hundred academics cross the Mediterranean to accompany Moroccan Muslims who wish to do so.

The selection process is however very strict, but according to several Moroccan media, the profiles remaining there are single and without children. According to the daily Assabah, the Habbous ministry would therefore have decided to toughen the departure conditions. To avoid any unpleasant surprises next year, it will be required that imams be married and fathers before being sent to Europe.