Mani Bella et Julia Samantha

Miss World 2023: Mani Bella refuses to support Julia Samantha

The famous Cameroonian singer Mani Bella refused to support Miss Julia Samantha for her participation in the Miss World 2023 international beauty pageant.

Julia Samantha, elected Miss Cameroon 2022, traveled to India to represent her country in the Miss World competition. For the occasion, she received massive support from the Cameroonian people and many artists. However, Mani Bella chose to stay in the background, expressing her discouragement over Julia Samantha's lack of support towards her.

I'm discouraged, because she never encouraged me “, explained Mani Bella The singer also highlighted not having received recognition from Julia Samantha, even when Mani Bella promoted songs of a spiritual nature.

This position attracted the attention of fans and Internet users, with some urging Mani Bella to support Julia Samantha. “ Mani please, encourage us Miss Julia Samantha Edima who is currently at Miss World through your page, thank you my star.“, reacted a fan.

In response, Mani Bella made her reason clear for not supporting the young actress for Miss World, explaining: “ I have always encouraged and supported her, unfortunately I am discouraged, she has never encouraged me on anything. Even when I sing church songs like Amen, she never liked or shared, so, I'm tired of cheering her on. We all need support in life. Good luck to her.