cindy le coeur et koffi olomide @ Scop RDC

“Cindy Le Coeur has been my partner for several years”, Koffi Olomide

After several months of secrecy, the Congolese artist Koffi Olomide ended up revealing his link with his artistic director, Cindy Le Cœur.

Koffi Olomide recently confirmed his relationship with Cindy Le Cœur during an interview with journalist Mannher on YouTube. He clearly indicated that Cindy had been his partner for “a few years”.

These statements end speculation about them getting together and also put an end to rumors regarding their relationship.

Koffi Olomide also condemned a recent imitation involving Cindy, by Koffi de Brazza. These official confessions allow the Congolese rumba star to lift the veil on his current sentimental situation.