DRC: here is the funeral program for the wife of Pastor Marcello Tunasi

Marcello Tunasi: the pastor gives details on the death of his wife Blanche

Pastor Marcello Tunasi revealed the circumstances of the death of his beloved wife, Blanche Tunasi, during the funeral which took place this Monday, June 17, 2024.

Blanche Tunasi, the wife of Pastor Marcello Tunasi, was taken to her final resting place on Monday June 17, 2024 in Kinshasa. And during the last testimonies before her burial, her husband, the widower Marcello Tunasi, lifted a very detailed veil on the reasons for her death.

According to him, his wife died in Istanbul, Turkey, following an operation. » She died in Turkey, it was just the two of us, she left for Istanbul on Saturday for a small operation which should only take a few hours and it shouldn’t be complicated.

But I noticed that it went for hours that she didn’t wake up, I asked the doctors why she didn’t wake up, they told me that they were resuscitating her, I waited 2 hours, 3am, 4am, 5am, still nothing and there in my mind I understood that my wife was dead but I refused to accept that“, suggested the man of God.

He went on to add: “ I went up to my room to pray, I prayed like I have never prayed for anyone and in the room I smelled her smell and her perfume, the spirit said to me, it is your wife who just left, she is dead.

I opened my eyes refusing her death, I quickly went down to the operating room, I saw the doctor looking at me crying, confirming to me that Blanche is dead.

I prayed, but she wouldn’t wake up

Pastor Marcello revealed that after dropping his late wife off at the mortuary, he prayed for days, but still without response. “ I went to drop her off at the morgue, I prayed, she didn’t wake up, the next day, I came to pray again, still nothing, I prayed like this for two days and strong prayers, Blanche still didn’t wake up. not, and the day we arrived in Kinshasa, I prayed again, still nothing. Even this morning again in the morgue, I prayed hard for her to come back to life, but my wife still does not wake up“, says Marcello Tunasi.

He concluded by implying that he finally understood that this is God’s will. “ And I understood that it is God’s will, Blanche is gone. I hear a lot that we still have to pray here for her to be resurrected but please don’t hurt and shock the children again, my wife is gone Blanche is dead we have to accept it“.