Madame Cooper

Madame Cooper: almost a year after her death, the TikToker accused of pimping and …

Almost a year after her death, TikToker Madame Cooper is cited in a case of pimping and organized rape.

Disturbing allegations about TikToker Madame Cooper have been shaking social networks for several days following the revelations of activist N’zui manto yi sep sep. These allegations suggest the posthumous involvement of the late TikToker, Madame Cooper, in activities related to pimping and organized rape.

The allegations reported by N’zui manto yi sep sep caused panic on social media platforms. According to her statements, Ms. Cooper was allegedly involved in shady affairs, including those related to pimping and organized rape, in collaboration with an individual named Bopda, also known by the nickname “Matin Alcero” of Cameroon. N’zui manto yi sep sep also emphasizes the possible complicity of Gokou 237, a friend of Madame Cooper, in these alleged acts.

Activist N’zui manto yi sep sep also suggested that a “rich businessman” would have abused young girls in Douala, using the services of certain influencers, including Madame Cooper. He promised to make a list of names public in the near future.

These allegations have sparked a wave of outrage online, with many voices demanding justice for the potential victims of these alleged acts.

Unfortunately, these accusations will remain rumors because TikToker Madame Cooper is no longer here to defend herself. Cameroonian influencer Stéphanie Masso, also known under the pseudonym Madame Cooper, died on March 4 at the Douala General Hospital. Fans speculated about the cause of his unexpected death, with some mentioning cancer while others suggested poisoning.