Alerte tempête (photo illustrative)

Madagascar: several deaths following the passage of storm Alvaro

A first storm shook eastern Madagascar at the start of 2024. According to the assessment made by the National Office of Risk and Disaster Management (BNGRC), at least five people died after the passage of this storm.

Madagascar begins the year 2024 with sad news. The Big Island was shaken on January 1 by storm Alvaro which came out to sea on the night of January 2 in the district of Mananjary, in the South East. “ A brief passage which nevertheless caused significant damage because of the intensive rains and the violent winds which accompanied it“, specified the Anadolu agency.

Providing a provisional assessment on Wednesday, the National Bureau of Risk and Disaster Management (BNGRC) announced five deaths. “Deaths recorded in Beroroha, Manakara and Vohipeno. 16,290 people are affected while 8,327 others have been displaced”adds the same source, stressing that 4,005 homes are flooded, 400 others are damaged and 87 huts are completely destroyed.

The Malagasy authorities have been working to provide emergency aid to the victims of this first storm of 2024.