Madagascar: CENI announces more than 9.6 million voters already registered

Madagascar: official proclamation of the provisional results of the legislative elections

The Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) of Madagascar announced the provisional results of the legislative elections of May 29. According to the figures, no party obtained the absolute majority necessary to govern alone.

Two weeks after the legislative elections in Madagascar, the CENI proclaimed the provisional results during an official ceremony this Tuesday, June 11 at its headquarters in Alarobia, Antananarivo. Prime Minister Christian Ntsay, the President of the High Constitutional Court Florent Rakotoarisoa, as well as opposition leaders such as Marc Ravalomanana (TIM) and Rivo Rakotovao (HVM) were present.

According to provisional results, the presidential platform obtained 80 seats out of 163 in the National Assembly, independent candidates won 52 seats, the opposition 25 seats, and the rest was shared between various small parties. With no party having achieved an absolute majority of 82 seats, the political landscape remains fragmented. The participation rate was 48.03% across the country.

Persistent disputes

The elections were marked by numerous protests. Candidates, both from the ruling party and the opposition, accused each other of fraud. Marc Ravalomanana, leader of the opposition, denounced violations of the Constitution and electoral fraud after the proclamation of the provisional results.

Candidates have two days to file appeals with the High Constitutional Court before the final results are announced in 16 days. The verification and challenge process will be crucial to validate or invalidate the announced provisional results.