Lady Ponce

Lady Ponce: the diva shouts her fed up against a Cameroonian company

Cameroonian singer Lady Ponce is not happy with a Cameroonian state company, which opted for a foreign artist, to the detriment of local artists. She made this known through a publication on her Facebook page.

Lady Ponce, the diva of Cameroonian music, is not happy with the state company Cameroon Telecommunication (Camtel). And for good reason, the latter has set its sights on the Congolese music celebrity, Fally Ipupa for a giant concert which will be held on December 30, 2023 at the Reunification Bepanda stadium in Douala.

Fally my brother I have no problem with you and this post is not for you, but for Camtel. This is how I express my frustration, it’s enough! Because in your country, we respect you and we celebrate you. I know your talent, my brother, I respect it and I know what your stamp is, very important. My country is a welcoming country, of course, but I also demand the same consideration in my country. Aren’t you tired of this denigration campaign against the creators of works of the spirit of Africa in miniature? When it’s too much, it’s ugly. Petit Pays couldn’t be headlining this event? Isn’t he an icon of African and world music? Damn, what excessive contempt. Camtel, what shame, what contempt! “, she wrote on her Facebook page.

To conclude her publication, she invited all Cameroonian artists to stand up as one person in this fight. “ A country where our societies have no respect for the local artist. What is this complex, dear fellow artists? I tell you, if we don’t claim what is rightfully ours, no one will. Enough is enough. Stop the contempt for Cameroonian artists. Stop, stop and stop “, she said.