Deux femmes avec des mines bizarres

Lady Ponce: the Cameroonian star files a complaint against Coco Argentée

Cameroonian singers Lady Ponce and Coco Argentée, who have buried their hatchet several times, recently dug it up again.

The two Cameroonian singers Lady Ponce and Coco Argentée are not the most intimate friends in the world of Cameroonian music. Bikutsi stars regularly throw barbs at each other on social networks. They have repeatedly buried the hatchet to be artists who get along. But, only recently, the hatchet was dug up.

For some time now, Cameroonian singers Lady Ponce and Coco Argentée have not been in the odor of holiness. After having made peace several times, the latter have done it again, through clashes on social networks.

Indeed, in a live broadcast on her Facebook page, Coco Argentée accused Lady Ponce of having excluded her from several shows, for which she had given her consent.

Having remained silent for several days, Lady Ponce has just broken the silence. The Go Galaxy has decided to opt for the voices of justice. She therefore wants to file a complaint against Coco Argentée. “ Dame NTYAME MEKOULOU Céline Edwige Corine alias “Coco Argentée” born August 13, 1982 in Mbandjock Haute Sanaga Cameroon, musical artist residing in Yaoundé (…) to have to be found and appear at the hearing and before the Court of First Instance of Yaoundé Administrative center ruling in correctional matters, at the hearing of direct summons on 09/19/2023 at 7:30 a.m. precisely and sitting in the ordinary room for its hearings located at the courthouse of the said city », wrote Lady Pontius.

Furthermore, the communities of the two Cameroonian showbiz celebrities are waiting for the end of this story. The court will have to carefully examine the evidence and testimony presented by them.