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CAN 2023 (Q): 2nd training session of the Cheetahs, the entire group (photos)

The Cheetahs of Benin carried out their first training session this Tuesday, September 5, 2023 in Cotonou. The group is now complete, with the arrival of Mattéo Ahlinvi in ​​the evening.

The Benin Cheetahs are gathering in Cotonou, as part of the CAN 2023 qualifiers. The Beninese will face Mozambique on September 9 in Maputo, on the sixth day of the qualifying phases. Under the leadership of coach Gernot Rohr, the wild animals carried out their second training session on Tuesday, as part of the preparations for this decisive clash.

24 players out of the 25 summoned took part in this second round of preparations, held at the General Mathieu Kérékou stadium. A session held in a good atmosphere, with the Cheetahs who carried out several exercises, ranging from warm-ups to circulation workshops and ball conservation and many others. Exercises, part of which was open to the public.

Note that the last expected player, who is none other than Mattéo Ahlinvi, joined the den on Tuesday evening. The group of 25 players is now complete and will be training this Wednesday afternoon at the General Mathieu Kérékou stadium in Cotonou. A session which will be behind closed doors according to information from Roméo Aklozo.

Benin will face Mozambique on September 9 at 3 p.m. (GMT) in Maputo. The Cheetahs must win in order to qualify for CAN 2023.