Kenya: Teacher commits suicide after losing large sum in sports bet

Kenya: Teacher commits suicide after losing large sum in sports bet

A teacher at Nyamira Boys High School in Kenya killed himself by hanging on Wednesday after losing a large sum in a sports bet, Kenyan media reported.

The Nyamira Boys High School community is in mourning following the tragic suicide of Kelvin Omwenga, a respected teacher at the institution. The man, who had taught mathematics and chemistry for four years, ended his life in his house where he rented on the night of Wednesday June 5, 2024, after losing a large sum in an online sports bet.

According to Johnson Manyara, deputy chief of Nyamira township, Omwenga lost around 50,000 shillings (around 360 euros) in betting. It was after being informed by locals that Manyara went to the teacher's house and alerted the police, who then took charge of the body.

Omwenga, whose wife had recently given birth, was living alone at the time of the incident. According to the administrator, his wife had traveled within the country to care for her sick parents.

The news of Omwenga's death deeply shocked his colleagues and the management of Nyamira Boys High School. The school principal, George Onkundi, expressed the dismay of the school community at the loss. “We were concerned when he didn’t show up for work on Wednesday”, said Onkundi. “ Omwenga had never shown symptoms of depression, but he sometimes spoke of domestic problems”he added.

Despite no obvious signs of depression, some colleagues revealed that Omwenga frequently borrowed money. A teacher, who wished to remain anonymous, said Omwenga had recently taken out a loan from him and had discussed a repayment plan.

“I am truly shocked and saddened by his death, ” he added. “ I can't say for sure that he committed suicide, it's up to the police to investigate and file a report. »