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The United States sanctions a Shebab financing network in Somalia

The American government announced sanctions against 16 individuals and organizations involved in a vast network of financing and money laundering for the benefit of Shebab, a terrorist group active in Somalia.

The United States has taken drastic measures against a financial support network for Shebab in Somalia. Sixteen individuals and organizations were sanctioned for their alleged role in financing and money laundering for the benefit of this terrorist group affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

According to the US Treasury, this network operated through several companies, collecting and laundering millions of dollars for Shebab. Targets of the sanctions include influential businessmen in the region, as well as companies such as Dubai-based Haleel Commodities LLC and UAE-based Qemat Al Najah General Trading.

Shebab, which has waged a violent insurgency since 2007 to overthrow Somalia's internationally-backed government, generates more than $100 million a year through extortion activities and financial support from its affiliates.

The United States, which supports the Mogadishu government led by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, imposed the sanctions as part of its efforts to counter terrorist activities and support stability in Somalia. Despite the progress made in the fight against Shebab, the group remains firmly established in rural areas and continues to carry out deadly attacks.