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Kenya postpones reopening of schools

The Kenyan government has announced a one-week delay in the reopening of schools across the country due to severe flooding caused by torrential rains.

Kenya's Ministry of Education said the devastating effects of torrential rains in parts of the country make it impossible to reopen schools on schedule. Faced with the critical situation and the risk to the lives of students and staff, the reopening of schools was postponed by one week, until May 6.

This decision comes as Kenya faces deadly floods, having already claimed more than 90 lives since March. Thousands of people have been displaced, with hundreds missing. The government has set up 50 camps to shelter displaced people, while authorities continue to step up rescue and search efforts for missing people.

The decision to postpone the reopening of schools also comes after a tragic boat accident on Sunday evening. Indeed, the sinking of a boat overloaded with passengers led to the death of several people, while more than 20 others are still missing.