Kenya: Parliament building burned by protesters (Video)

Kenya: Parliament building burned by protesters (Video)

Demonstrators enter the Parliament grounds. A Kenyan Parliament building was set on fire by protesters.

The police fired live ammunition at demonstrators, who came in large numbers this Tuesday to the capital Nairobi, to oppose a plan for new taxes. Demonstrators entered the grounds of Parliament, where a controversial budget project is currently being debated which has triggered an anti-government protest movement, according to an AFP journalist, who specifies that a fire broke out in the building enclosure.

An “Occupy Parliament” movement

Tensions rose throughout the morning, with police using tear gas and then rubber bullets. Clashes broke out around midday after demonstrators advanced into an area housing official buildings (Supreme Court, Nairobi town hall, etc.). Some demonstrators threw stones in the direction of the police forces, in a tense confrontation a few hundred meters from Parliament.

Largely peaceful, the movement called “Occupy Parliament” was launched on social networks shortly after the presentation to Parliament on June 13 of the 2024-2025 draft budget providing for the introduction of new taxes, including one 16% VAT on bread and an annual tax of 2.5% on private vehicles.

One person was killed by the police, announced the NGO Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC). “Police shot four protesters, as witnessed by KHRC, killing one,” affirmed the NGO in a message on X.