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Kenya: flood toll rises to 188 deaths since March

Floods in Kenya, caused by torrential rains amplified by the El Niño climatic phenomenon, have already killed 188 people since March. The damage is considerable, with the destruction of vital infrastructure and the displacement of thousands of people.

Kenya faces a serious humanitarian crisis. According to a new official report made public this Thursday, the death toll from floods since the start of the rainy season in March has risen to 188 deaths. Heavy rainfall, combined with the El Niño weather phenomenon, led to devastating floods across the country. Much material and human damage was reported.

Roads, bridges and other infrastructure have been destroyed, hampering relief operations and isolating parts of the country. According to authorities, 125 people were injured and 90 others were missing, while 165,000 people were displaced due to flooding.

The deadliest episode of these bad weather was recorded when a natural dam in the center of the country broke and took dozens of lives during the night from Sunday to Monday. Fifty-two bodies have been found, and 51 people remain missing near Mai Mahiu, in the Rift Valley, about 60 kilometers from the capital, Nairobi.

Meanwhile, the Masai Mara National Reserve was also hit by bad weather, with around a hundred tourists stranded by rising river waters. Fortunately, emergency services were able to evacuate 90 people from this reserve, popular for its rich wildlife.