Kenya considers visa waiver for citizens around the world

Kenya announces total abolition of visas for foreign visitors

Kenyan President William Ruto announced during the celebration of Jamhuri Day the removal of visa requirements for all foreign visitors from January 2024.

In his speech, relayed by “Financial Afrik”, on the occasion of the celebration of the National Day of the Republic (Jamhuri Day), President William Ruto made an announcement which he described as a “historic moment” for the Kenya. “ It is with great pleasure that I announce that from January 2024, Kenya will be a visa-free country“, Ruto said.

The Kenyan head of state underlined his country’s position as the “first home” of humanity, thus justifying the abolition of visas by considering that it was not wise to require a visa from people visiting their country. ” hearth “.

This decision is accompanied by the creation of a dedicated platform allowing previously identified travelers to receive an electronic travel authorization upon their arrival in Kenya. This initiative aims to simplify and facilitate entry procedures into the country for visitors from around the world. President Ruto had already mentioned this exemption during the African Climate Summit in Nairobi last September.

It should be noted that this measure is not unprecedented, as citizens of Comoros, Senegal and Indonesia have already enjoyed visa exemption since last summer. In addition, the president had also expressed his intention to lift the visa requirement for all citizens of the African Union (AU), initiating bilateral discussions to this effect as early as last May.