Israel suspends flights to South Africa

Kenya Airways announces the resumption of its flights to Kinshasa

Kenya Airways has confirmed the resumption of its flights to Kinshasa following the release of its two employees detained in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

After a period of suspense, Kenya Airways announced Monday that its flights to Kinshasa, suspended since the end of April, will resume their normal course. This decision comes after the release of two of its employees who had been detained in the DRC since April 19.

Congolese military authorities released the employees unconditionally, ending a period of uncertainty for the airline. Flights to the capital of the DRC, suspended since April 29 due to the detention described as “illegal” by Kenya Airways, will resume on May 8.

The employees had been arrested by military intelligence for transporting valuable cargo without complete customs documents. They were detained until April 23, when representatives from the embassy and Kenya Airways were able to visit them.