José Mourinho on an African star: "He deserved at least a Ballon d'Or"

José Mourinho on an African star: “He deserved at least a Ballon d’Or”


In the annals of football, one name shines with a dazzling enigma: Samuel Eto’o. The former Barca and Inter star, a striker who carved the history of his position, remains, for many, an unfathomable mystery when it comes to the absence of the Ballon d’Or from his professional footballing roster.

The indignation at this lack, as blatant as it is surprising, finds its echo in José Mourinho, an emblematic figure on the sidelines, who worked for Inter Milan as a coach during an era when the current president of the Cameroonian Federation (Fecafoot) stood out.

In comments relayed by InfoSport, the Portuguese master tactician bluntly denounced this injustice: “ How to digest the enigma Samuel Eto’o, who, despite a staggering career, has never brandished the Ballon d’Or… Samuel’s aura, shaped over his career in elite teams, in the most prestigious leagues, suggests an indisputable legitimacy. The nets torn by his shots testify to a jaw-dropping goalscoring record, hatched in a variety of footballing arenas. Three league finals played, two crowns clinched brilliantly under the colors of Barcelona, ​​punctuated by decisive achievements in each. »

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And to continue: A Champions League brandished high with Inter, supreme crowning achievement. Stacked champion titles, conquering trophies galore. Absolute dominator of the world goalscoring charts for years. Such is the story of Samuel Eto’o, that of an inaccessible summit, like a star too far away. The Ballon d’Or should have been his, irrefutably obvious, but alas, mechanisms beyond our control decided otherwise.

Thus, the Samuel Eto’o case remains an unfinished chapter in the great book of football. A legend of the field who could have justly sported the crown of the Ballon d’Or, if the wind of fate had blown differently. A reminder that in the world of sport, even the greatest feats do not always guarantee supreme recognition.