Ivory Coast: this beautiful confidence from Charlotte Dipanda on Josey

Ivory Coast: this beautiful confidence from Charlotte Dipanda on Josey

Josey is an Ivorian singer with immense potential. Many people, including African artists, deeply respect her. Among them is Charlotte Dipanda, who recently made a confession about the Ivorian singer.

Cameroonian music diva Charlotte Dipanda is fascinated by the talent of her young Ivorian colleague, Josey. The singer’s potential is immense. One of the prides of Ivorian music has worked hard to get to where she is today. From her first record productions to the new one entitled “Universal Vibration”Josey captures the attention of music lovers with his music and the messages conveyed in his songs.

This is why Charlotte Dipanda never ceases to praise the qualities of the companion of the former Ivorian footballer Serey Dié. She revealed an anecdote concerning the artist who sings the famous song “Leave everything”.

“Josey has a freshness, she has something in her… I don’t know if it’s generational. For me, she is part of the hope of Ivorian music today. She is truly a complete artist, a very good vocalist and she is someone who has a lot of sensitivity, with an intelligence in the way she approaches her melodies.”she says.

She went on to add: “Before she was what she is today, the first time I heard her music, I said: ‘WOW’, who is this girl? She really has a lot of potential”.

Moreover, Charlotte Dipanda was not mistaken since Josey continues on her path with success. This is evidenced by the series of shows she has recently performed. She will demonstrate this again in a month at the Parc des Expositions d’Abidjan, in the commune of Port-Bouët, during an exceptional live concert.