Sofia Benlemmane

“It’s a mafia”, Sofia Benlemmane reacts to the elimination of Algeria

Sofia Benlemmane, the Algerian supporter expelled from Ivory Coast due to racist comments during CAN 2023, reacts to Algeria’s elimination.

On her Facebook page, she states: “It’s a mafia, Africans don’t appreciate us with Morocco’s complicity. Our players were not housed in a five-star establishment, like those I know in Paris. We should no longer participate in this competition of the have-nots. Our level deserves at least the Euro. We will file a complaint with the sports court. » Subsequently, Internet users expressed their opinions in the comments regarding Benlemmane’s behavior.

As a reminder, the supporter was arrested in 2022 in Gambia after going to the Federation to meet referee Bakary Gassama, whom she intended to make speak in order to obtain “confessions” on Algeria’s elimination from World Cup qualifying.