Is the Congo not worthy of democracy?

Is the Congo not worthy of democracy?

Should the Democratic Republic of Congo definitively settle for cheap democratic standards? More generally, is Africa not worthy of democracy?

The question arises once again given the scenario of the last presidential and legislative elections which took place in indescribable chaos from December 20 in the DRC.

Closed polling stations, illegal extension of opening hours and days, hundreds of voting machines found in the hands of individuals all dependent on the regime in place, violence, voters under pressure, etc. Many cases of fraud have been reported , photographed, filmed, broadcast.

What does it matter! The reason of the strongest always seems to be the best and must be imposed on the population who have nevertheless, once again, mobilized to try to make their voice heard.

This democratic mess is built with the approval of an international community too happy not to have to manage too many excesses. A short-term vision which perhaps made it possible to have a good New Year’s Eve but which carries all the excesses, all the violence in the days, weeks and months to come.

The government, which claims to have popular support of more than 73%, nevertheless felt obliged to deploy thousands of soldiers in certain cities.

To maintain itself, an illegitimate regime can only resort to repression against a people who do not want it and are aware of its deception.

Words like Black Life matters would therefore only be useful slogans in the West and would have no place in Africa.

Worrying about this situation is not a matter of interference but a duty of non-indifference.

Not denouncing this drift, accepting cheating as a mode of governance, is opening the way to an even deeper crisis of democracy, it is legitimizing the violence of protest movements, it is denying the Congolese the sacrosanct principle of one man – one vote. Accepting these renunciations is preparing for dark days. It is also, and above all, racism.