Dadju on his beginnings: "I started music by accident..."

“I'm leaving…”, singer Dadju plans early musical retirement

Singer Dadju intends to end his career. This subtle announcement is revealed in his next song “Je pars”.

French singer Dadju, 33, appears to be considering a potential early retirement from the music industry. In one of his upcoming songs titled “I'm Leaving,” he shares poignant lyrics hinting that he might retire from the music scene in the near future.

In the first lyrics of the song, Dadju reveals: “I didn't want to tell my daughter that I'm a singer… I hope that in five years, I won't even be here, not in music at all. Even though music is really what I love to do, I don't do it because I have to, but simply because I really enjoy it. »

This announcement could certainly surprise and move his many fans around the world, especially given that Dadju already has more than ten years in the music industry. He then explains: “But if I have the opportunity to quit and if I can do it, because it's extremely difficult to want to quit music, well I think I will. I don't want to be here in ten or fifteen years, releasing my seventh or eighth album, because I don't see the point in making them anymore. »

Dadju also expresses his satisfaction with his music career so far, saying he has accomplished what he set out to do. “For me, I accomplished what I had to do, it worked, I toured a lot, and that's the goal, there's nothing else to do because otherwise, you just going to repeat the same thing. I prefer to leave before someone tells me to leave, I don't think I'll make ten albums, I'll stop before then, and when I say stop, I mean even leave the music business, because I'm not going to write any more songs for other people. I will end my musical career, I will end everything”he confided.

These statements are likely to provoke strong reactions among music enthusiasts. It seems that the lyrics of this Dadju song will not leave anyone indifferent.

It remains to be seen whether this song will actually mark a turning point in Dadju's career or whether it is a simple artistic reflection. Fans of his music are impatiently waiting to discover the full content of this new work and to understand in more detail the artist's intentions regarding his musical future.