“I was 400%”, Tayc looks back on the day he sniffed a fan’s underwear in the middle of a concert (video)

About a year after sniffing a fan’s underwear on stage during a concert, Tayc finally decided to explain himself. During a recent interview, the initiator of afro-love publicly apologized when addressing the subject.

Tayc is obviously a subscriber to scandals. The singer never stops making controversial gestures every time he is invited to give a show. Shortly after groping the buttocks of a fan in Ivory Coast, remember that the singer found himself at the center of another controversy which made the headlines on social networks.

In concert in Germany in September 2022, Doctor Love shocked many of his fans by picking up a pair of underwear that a fan threw at him, before bringing them close to his nose to sniff them.

Captured by the spectators, this sequence which spread like wildfire had the effect of a glittering earthquake on the canvas. The video sparked a wave of outrage and negative comments. More than a year later, the singer returned to the incident during a recent interview.

Questioned on the subject, the Franco-Cameroonian artist showed sincerity by recognizing that he had been able to hurt some of his fans in the past due to certain sometimes excessive gestures in concert. “ When I’m in concert, I’m at 400% and sometimes I overdo it but it’s just for the show. There I saw that this scene shocked my fans and I’m sorry but I held back, I have to reduce the dose.“, did he declare.

This response from the singer demonstrates his desire to take into account the reactions of his admirers and to strive to adjust his behavior to avoid escapades during these upcoming shows.