“I started drinking a lot”, Aubameyang looks back on his setbacks in England

“I started drinking a lot”, Aubameyang looks back on his setbacks in England

In an interview with YouTube channel Colinterview, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang opened up about the mental difficulties he faced, particularly during his time in the Premier League with Arsenal.

Aubameyang, who joined Olympique Marseille at the end of last summer, is well known for his impressive journey through several European clubs, including Lille, Monaco, Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal, FC Barcelona and Chelsea. However, behind the apparent successes, the striker had to face personal demons, particularly during his final years in London.

In an interview with the YouTube channel Colinterview, the Gabonese revealed that he went through a period of depression, accompanied by excessive alcohol consumption. “I’m sure I was depressed.”, confided Aubameyang, adding that this dark period coincided with the events which preceded his departure from Arsenal. “ Then you start behaving very differently. For example, I started drinking a lot. It was a difficult, difficult time. It started a little before I was kicked out of Arsenal. »

The 33-year-old footballer faced these difficulties without the help of a specialist, a choice he does not recommend. “ We always say that you need to talk to a psychologist, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Even though I haven't done it myself, I know it can be very helpful. I think it would have done me good too”he admits with disarming sincerity.

Despite these struggles, Aubameyang was able to bounce back and shine on the pitch. His performance at Barcelona was praised, as was his current impact at Marseille. This season, he has scored 17 goals in Ligue 1 and a further 10 in the Europa League, totaling 30 goals in all competitions, testament to his resilience and undeniable talent.

I couldn't have had a better time than in Marseille. It's pretty extreme, but I like it “, said Aubameyang, showing his gratitude and attachment to his current club. His return to France seems to have been beneficial, allowing him to find a certain serenity and to rediscover his pleasure of playing.