Cameroon: Marc Brys reacts to Samuel Eto'o's apology

Cameroon: Samuel Eto'o rehabilitates and apologizes to Marc Brys

Samuel Eto'o was this Thursday at a press conference at the headquarters of the Cameroonian Football Federation. And the former footballer rehabilitated Marc Brys in his position as coach of the Indomitable Lions and apologized to the Belgian technician.

Unexpected outcome in the standoff between Fecafoot and the Cameroonian Ministry of Sports. Suspended after his heated exchange with Samuel Eto'o, Marc Brys will finally lead the Indomitable Lions to the qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup in June. The Belgian technician was rehabilitated in his functions by the president of the Cameroonian Federation, who apologized to the former Red Devil for his comments made during the big altercation between the two men at the start of the week.

“I will start by apologizing to you, because during our first unfortunate meeting, there were a lot of emotions. But as you know, the Cameroonian people being more important than us, this is the only interest that should lead us to work. I am very happy to have spoken with the coach. And as I told the coach, we have convictions that we will not change“, declared Samuel Eto'o at a press conference at Fecafoot, reported by Africatopsports.

For two years we have tried to work to give the best to our national team, to our football. I think that the administrative side which posed us problems at the time when we had results, we no longer have these problems. I think that the coach who comes from an environment where he will need this administrative side, very professional, it was important for us to stay the course for Cameroon” , he added.

After this disagreement between the two men, the Federation undertakes to support the Belgian for the success of his mission. “Our destinies are linked. If our pennant team wins, the president that I am will not have hair problems. I know your mission is not easy. Despite your experience, despite your qualities, it is not easy. But know that here you will have our support to make it less difficult”, added the president of Fecafoot.

As a reminder, the Indomitable Lions face Cape Verde on June 8, before traveling to Angola three days later