Koffi Olomidé

“I am deprived of speaking to you…” Koffi Olomidé sends a moving message to his son Delpirlo

On the occasion of his 18th birthday celebration, Congolese artist Koffi Olomidé sent a moving message to his son Delpirlo with whom he has no longer been in contact since his divorce from his ex-wife Aliya.

The rag has been burning between Koffi Olomidé and his children since his separation from their mother. The family tension even spilled over onto social networks with skirmishes between Didistone Nike and the great Mopao. The young model accuses her father of infidelity and never misses the opportunity to attack him on social networks because of his new relationship with Cindy the heart, his artistic director.

However, Didistone is not the only child who terribly resents his father. His younger brother Delpirlo is not angry and has even broken off all contact with his father since the divorce was made official.

But this situation does not prevent the Congolese singer from showing his paternal love to his son as he has just done in a moving video that has gone viral on the web.

A few days before the celebration of his boy’s 18th birthday, the king of Congolese rumba openly showed his love to his son, adding how often he is proud to see his boy come of age. “ You will be a responsible man. I am a happy dad because you will be able to defend me better and take care of me especially when I will be forced to walk with a stick” , did he declare.

Following his message, Koffi Olomidé asked his son to call him wherever he is because he is no longer able to contact him directly. “ For your birthday Delpirlo, I would like you to call me from wherever you are because today I am deprived of the means to speak with you, and that hurts my heart.” , he added. This poignant message from the singer is perceived by some as a cry of bitterness towards his children with whom he has no longer been in contact since his separation from their mother Aliya.