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Hervé Bopda affair: Nathalie Yamb denounces the silence of the authorities

For a week, Cameroon has been shaken by the Hervé Bopda affair, accused by several women of predatory behavior.

Whistleblower Nzui Manto revealed his alleged involvement, sparking growing public demand for justice. Complaints have already been filed by victims, but so far, neither the police, the courts, nor the government have reacted officially, despite the growing indignation. Faced with this silence, Nathalie Yamb expressed her dissatisfaction in a video, denouncing the guilty calm of the Cameroonian authorities.

Furthermore, the Pan-Africanist activist finds it unacceptable that the competent authorities remain silent in the face of this affair which is causing emotion and consternation in the country. “The police, justice and government are conspicuously absent. What explains the silence of the police, the justice system, the government? », asked Nathalie Yamb. As a reminder, the Minister of Family reacted by inviting all victims to break the silence.