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Gims justifies his refusal to sing for the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympics

Franco-Congolese rapper Gims refused to sing for the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympics.

The famous rapper Gims has announced that he will not be one of the singers at the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympic Games. This decision was explained by the artist himself during an interview with the Belgian media Ciné Télé Revue.

Despite an interesting proposal, Gims declined the opportunity to sing for the ceremony, claiming that it was not in accordance with his wishes. “It was offered to me, I could have done it, but it was not my wish”, he explained.

He also stressed that having already had the opportunity to sing for the 2022 FIFA World Cup final, he felt he had already reached a significant level of visibility and did not want to be omnipresent. “I don’t think we can get any bigger. I don't want to be everywhere”he added.

This announcement sparked speculation about the potential presence of other renowned artists at this major event. Aya Nakamura was announced as one of the artists present, while rumors surround the possible participation of Celine Dion. However, no official confirmation has yet been made regarding the list of participants.

At the same time, mixed reactions were heard, notably from Matt Pokora, who expressed his disappointment over his alleged absence from the event. Despite this, the Games organizing committee has affirmed that the artists will not receive any fees for their performance, given the symbolic significance of this commitment.

The list of other artists present during the ceremony remains unknown, arousing the expectation and curiosity of the public. A survey carried out by the Internet user revealed that the French express a strong interest in the presence of Mylène Farmer and David Guetta, at the top of the female and male artists that the public would like to see perform during this long-awaited event.