Geremi Njitap learns he is not the biological father of his children and files for divorce

Geremi Njitap learns he is not the biological father of his children and files for divorce

After learning that he is not the biological father of his two boys, former Cameroonian footballer Geremi Njitap asked for a divorce from his wife Laure whom he accuses of infidelity.

Geremi Njitap, former glory of Cameroonian football, is currently going through a very delicate family situation. According to the Cameroonian press, the former international footballer, once an idol on the pitch, filed a divorce petition against his wife, Toukam Fotso Laure Verline, revealing intimate and shocking details.

Among the reasons given, we find the refusal of sexual relations on the part of his wife, going so far as to lock the marital bedroom, forcing Geremi to sleep elsewhere. This situation deeply affected the former footballer, depriving him of his esteem and consideration as a man, father, husband, and husband, in front of his own children.

The situation takes a more painful turn when Geremi discovers, after a paternity test, that the twins he has raised for years are not his biological children, but those of his wife's ex-husband. This revelation would have had a devastating emotional impact on him, especially since he claims to have received no support from his wife in this ordeal.

According to the explanations given in the divorce request, Geremi Njitap's suffering is aggravated by the accusations of degrading and humiliating insults uttered by his wife against him, even in front of their children. These actions deeply affected the former Indomitable Lion, plunging him into deep psychological distress and causing him to lose all self-esteem.

Faced with this situation, which he describes as “a serious and renewed violation of the duties and obligations of marriage”, Geremi Njitap believes that he has no other choice but to file for divorce. This decision, although heavy, seems inevitable to him given the deterioration of his relationship with his wife.

The divorce request is only the first act in a legal drama which promises to be complex. The entire Cameroon is suspended following this duel between Geremi Njitap, an icon of national football, and his wife, Toukam Fotso Laure Verline, whose version of the facts could shed new light on this torn intimacy brutally exposed under the spotlight.

Complete divorce petition

Mr. Njitap Fotso Geremie Sorele, residing in Yaoundé,

Me Adebone Lawyer at the Cameroon Bar BP 35278. Bastos Yaoundé

With the honor of exhibiting you

That by marriage certificate No. 033/2012 of 30 and 2012 from the civil status center of Pete Bandjoun, contracted a marriage with Dame Toukam Fotso Laure.

That from this union no common child was born

That if the life of the couple was harmonious and exciting before this marriage, it will become painful, the wife quickly breaks the harmony which motivated their union a few years later by the most abject behavior;

That the repeated lie and contempt through words or actions, lack of consummation of the marriage, expulsion of the husband from the marital bedroom, the bellicose character of the wife making the couple's life together impossible for the following reasons.

Excesses and abuse

That if in the beginning of this union the wife showed kindness, she did not stop lying, presenting the twin children born on June 5, 2008 (4 years before the marriage) as being hers, everything which motivated their union: that the discovery by the husband that the said children were those of his previous husband because born during this marriage will upset the harmony of the couple

More serious, the paternity test carried out will confirm it, forcing his wife to confess, she will also convince him to let the children go to their legitimate and biological father regularly. That Lady Toukam Fotso Laure Verine nevertheless transformed herself into a complacent and belligerent wife, locking the marital bedroom forcing her husband to sleep in other rooms of the marital residences;

That he was forced to move away from the couple's residence following threats from his wife's daughter born from this previous union who promised to call the police if he set foot there, covering all insults and the dealing with all the names of funny birds, under the complicit indifference of his wife:

That discovering that the twins are not his even though he raised them for many years causes him a real emotional shock and this will be aggravated by the attitude of Lady Toukam Fotso Laure Verline who did not believe it necessary bring him the slightest help in this moral suffering;

That Dame Toukam Fotso Laure Vertine has continued to humiliate and despise him by covering insults as degrading as they are infamous, not hesitating to call him a “low neighborhood furrower” and all the funny names of 'birds.

What's more serious, she refused any sexual relations, locking the marital bedroom to force him to sleep in other rooms of the marital residence.

That these insults uttered against him and in front of his children plunged the applicant into a degrading psychological state, losing all esteem and consideration as a man, father, husband or mother's husband with regard to these children:

That these insults constitute a serious, renewed violation of the duties and obligations resulting from marriage and make the maintenance of the marital bond intolerable, in application of article 232 of the Code

Therefore, it is appropriate to acknowledge the applicant's request to pronounce the divorce of the spouses Njitap Fotso:

This is why the applicant requests that you please, Mr. President

Considering the request which precedes together the documents produced in support thereof

Considering the provisions of article 234 of the Civil Code Receive his request and acknowledge the presentation of it in person;

Authorize him to summon Dame Toukam Fotso Laure Verline before you