Raymond Ndong Sima

Gabon: Raymond Ndong Sima unveils his government

Gabon’s Prime Minister, Raymond Ndong Sima, recently revealed the composition of his government, marking the start of a new political era for the country.

On Saturday, Gabonese viewers gathered to listen to Prime Minister Raymond Ndong Sima read the presidential decree revealing the names of the 26 members who will make up his government. This carefully chosen team includes personalities from diverse backgrounds and some veterans who served under former President Omar Bongo. The announcement was a moment of great significance for Gabon, marking a political turning point after years of relative stability under former President Ali Bongo.

Among the key members of this new government is Murielle Minkoué, Minister of Institutional Reform, responsible for rethinking the Gabonese political landscape. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Régis Onanga Ndiaye, will have to deal with questions of sub-regional integration and Gabonese living abroad, while Paul-Marie Gondjout, as Minister of Justice, will have to ensure law enforcement and the transparency of the judicial system.

The government is also committed to improving the country’s social sectors, with Prof. Adrien Moungouou as Minister of Health and Social Affairs, and Camélia Ntoutoume Leclercq at the head of National Education and Civic Training. Scientific research and technological innovation will be under the supervision of Professor Hervé Ndoume Essingone, who will serve as Minister of Higher Education.

Environmental preservation and natural resource management are also priorities, with Colonel Maurice Ntossui as Minister of Water and Forests. Marcel Abéké, for his part, will be in charge of the oil sector, while Hervé-Patrick Opiangah will head the Ministry of Mines to exploit Gabon’s mining potential.

The new Gabonese government under the leadership of Raymond Ndong Sima seems ready to meet the many challenges before it. With a team composed of competent and diverse personalities, Gabon can hope for a more promising future, focused on reform, economic growth and the well-being of its citizens.