Pascaline Bongo

Gabon: Pascaline Bongo faces French justice for a corruption case

The trial involving Pascaline Bongo, daughter of the late Gabonese President Omar Bongo, begins this Monday at the Paris Judicial Court.

The sister of former Gabonese President Ali Bongo is accused of passive bribery of a foreign public official, allegedly for soliciting money in exchange for her intervention to help a French company win a public contract in Gabon . Although generally discreet, Pascaline Bongo now finds herself in the spotlight, her presence at the trial having been confirmed.

Indeed, the accusations relate to a possible “fictitious partnership” with the French company Egis, in particular with its subsidiary Route, with the aim of promoting the company’s participation in the creation of the National Agency for Major Works of Gabon, supervised by his brother Ali Bongo. In exchange for her intervention, it is alleged that Pascaline Bongo received a sum of 8 million euros. Two former executives of Egis Route as well as the current sales director are also among the accused.

Furthermore, the lawyer for Ali Bongo’s older sister says she “very serene” and dismisses this matter as “legal nonsense”. In addition, it highlights problems of prescription, jurisdiction and qualification of facts. Hastily, the lawyer asserts that the investigation was carried out to compel the appearance of a notable personality.

Note that this trial is of great importance due to the high status of Pascaline Bongo within the Bongo family clan. Also, it is rare to see trials for corruption of a foreign public official in France.