“Make some noise, I have been arrested”, Ali Bongo begs his English-speaking “friends” to help him

Gabon: Ali Bongo stripped of the presidency of his party, his mother removed

Former Gabonese head of state, Ali Bongo Ondimba, was stripped of the presidency of his party, the Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG, former single party), on Thursday, the party announced in a press release.

Since March 7, 2024, the former Gabonese head of state, Ali Bongo Ondimba (ABO), is no longer the President of the Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG), the party in power since 1968. “A delegation went to the private residence (…) of Ali Bongo Ondimba (…) in order to notify him of his forfeiture of the presidency of the said party due to his multifaceted incapacity”specifies a press release published at the end of a meeting held at the party headquarters in Libreville.

Gathered in their headquarters on March 7, the crowned heads of the political group created by Omar Bongo made a declaration through which, the personalities having to provisionally preside over the destiny of this political group totaling more than 55 years of existence, were presented. The former ruling party has been in decline since August 30, 2023, the date of its fall from power.

Furthermore, Joséphine Nkama (Patience Dabany), former first lady and mother of deposed president Ali Bongo Ondimba, was removed from the political party created by her late husband. Aged 65, Ali Bongo suffered a stroke in October 2018. He was overthrown in August 2023 following a military putsch, ending his 14 years as president.