Gabon: forced rest for Ali Bongo, end of reign of a 56-year dynasty

Gabon: Ali Bongo and his two youngest children begin a hunger strike

In Gabon, former President Ali Bongo and his two youngest sons Jalil and Bilal began a hunger strike on Tuesday May 14, 2024. The announcement was made by their lawyers who clarified that at the start of hunger strike, a complaint was filed before the Paris judicial court.

In an interview with RFI, Me François Zimeray, lawyer for the Bongo family, revealed that Ali Bongo and his youngest children began a hunger strike to protest against their situation.

According to Me Zimeray, the Bongo family has been deprived of its freedom for nine months, with several of its members arrested and subjected to acts of torture. Moreover, they are deprived of their fundamental rights according to the lawyer's statement.

The Bongo family justifies their hunger strike

“They decided to go on hunger strike because this family has been deprived of their freedom for nine months, their mother and brothers have been arrested and tortured, and they themselves do not enjoy any basic rights which are recognized by everyone.

The Bongo family is not above the law, but they have the right to respect their dignity, they have the right to respect their rights, the right to be able to defend themselves, the right to be able to answer for what we accuses him. We filed a complaint before the Paris court, because what the members of the Bongo family were victims of were crimes.

These are serious crimes and the perpetrators must bring justice. So there will be an investigation, there will be a summons, and if they do not appear, international arrest warrants. And we have the names of those who participated in or sponsored these acts of sequestration, torture and barbarity“, confided the lawyer of the Bongo family.

Complaints filed

The lawyers of the Bpngo family, masters François Zimeray and Catalina de la Sota, announced in a press release that they had filed a complaint with constitution of party in Paris.

According to them, the objective of this procedure is to obtain the appointment of an investigating judge in France to investigate these accusations a few days before the arrival of General Brice Oligui Nguema in Paris, France.