Francis Mvemba: his daughter Maylis, candidate for the Miss Côte d'Ivoire France competition (photo)

Francis Mvemba: his daughter Maylis, candidate for the Miss Côte d'Ivoire France competition (photo)

After the episode of his breakup followed by his unsuccessful divorce attempt with Coco Emilia, Congolese businessman Francis Mvemba is still in the news because of the news about his daughter.

The “billionaire” Francis Mvemba is put back in the spotlight thanks to his daughter, Maylis Mvemba, who is participating in the beauty contest, Miss Côte d'Ivoire France. And obviously, the young woman is widely considered the favorite to win the crown.

“Together, let’s shape a future favorable to the development of every woman and child, in complete safety and dignity. The objective of my humanitarian project is to set up an assistance and support structure for women and young girls who are victims of physical and/or psychological violence. My name is Carla Maylis MVEMBA, 19 years old. I am candidate number 10”shared Miss Ivory Coast France on her Instagram account.

And already, the young woman can already count on the admirers of her father Francis Mvemba.

Quarrel between Francis Mvemba and Coco Emilia

During the year 2022, a young woman named Coco Emilia has captured the admiration of Internet users due to her charm. She teamed up with Francis Mvemba to create a short film that evokes a romance full of twists and turns. For several months, Internet users followed with interest the different episodes of this original series.

The conflict between the two protagonists was caused by the repeated lies of Francis Mvemba, who even allegedly offered a plastic ring to his former partner. Rumors calling into question his status as a billionaire also contributed to inflaming the situation and aroused strong interest on the web.

Despite her pregnancy, Coco Emilia decided to end their relationship. This affair helped to increase the popularity of Francis Mvemba, but in recent months, he has completely withdrawn from public life and is absent from social networks.