Samuel Eto

FECAFOOT: Samuel Eto’o under threat of suspension?

The Association of Amateur Clubs of Cameroon (ACFAC) is calling for the suspension of Samuel Eto’o from his duties as president of Fecafoot due to his dual nationality.

While Samuel Eto’o is already the subject of a procedure currently being deliberated at CAF, a new accusation has emerged, this time brought by Cameroonian amateur clubs. Grouped within ACFAC, these clubs declare that they have verified and obtained proof that Samuel Eto’o has been a Spanish citizen since October 1, 2007.

According to article 31 paragraph (a) of law N°68-LF-3 of June 11 on Cameroonian nationality, “any adult Cameroonian who voluntarily acquires or retains a foreign nationality loses his Cameroonian nationality.” Indeed, this should have resulted in Samuel Eto’o losing his Cameroonian nationality since 2007. However, he continued to represent Cameroon in the national team until 2014.

According to the regulations of Fecafoot, a non-Cameroonian person cannot claim the presidency of the governing body of Cameroonian football. On this basis, ACFAC has seized the Ethics Commission of Fecafoot to request the provisional suspension of Samuel Eto’o from his position as president of Fecafoot.

In addition to this suspension, ACFAC is demanding a lifetime ban from any football-related activity in Cameroon for Samuel Eto’o, as well as the reimbursement of all the benefits he received as president of Fecafoot.