"We don't like dirt", Fally Ipupa reacts to his absence at the Nuit de la francophonie

Fally Ipupa: this gesture of generosity from the star towards her dancers (photos)

The famous Congolese artist, Fally Ipupa, recently demonstrated his legendary generosity by offering vehicles to his dancers. The video of this generous distribution went viral on the web, arousing admiration from the public.

Fally Ipupa is not only a renowned artist but also a philanthropist with a kind spirit. With his Fally Ipupa Foundation (FIF), he is actively committed to supporting disadvantaged communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). His dedication extends far beyond music, touching people’s lives in areas of greatest need.

The altruistic act towards her dancers is just one example among many of her social commitment. By offering them vehicles, it gave them the means to significantly improve their daily mobility. In a mass-shared video, we can see the exuberance and gratitude of the beneficiaries, celebrating this act of generosity of Dicap la Merveil with joyful horns and warm thanks to their benefactor.

This remarkable gesture is not isolated in Fally Ipupa’s career: he has already shown great generosity towards those close to him in the past, such as when he offered a house to Felly Tyson, a friend and former colleague of the time when he played in Koffi Olomidé’s Quartier Latin orchestra.