"We don't like dirt", Fally Ipupa reacts to his absence at the Nuit de la francophonie

Fally Ipupa: the huge sum to pay to get a dedication from the Congolese star

The Congolese music celebrity, Fally Ipupa comes to unveil the new prices for having dedications in his songs. And prices have been revised upwards.

The songs of musical celebrities in the Democratic Republic of Congo are known for paying tribute to prominent figures in Congolese and African society. Artists such as JP Mpiana, Ferre Gola, Koffi Olomidé, Werrason, Héritier Watanabé and Fally Ipupa regularly include specific mentions of these personalities in their musical works.

During an interview, Dicap la Merveil revealed that these mentions or dedications in its titles are paid services.

He went on to reveal that from now on prices will see a considerable increase. “ A dedication at my home is now set at $100,000 (editor’s note: 60 million FCFA) “, he specifies. Whereas before the decision to revise prices upwards, it was simply set at 10,000 euros or more than 6.5 million FCFA.

However, when it comes to a composition specially dedicated to one person the cost varied between 40,000 euros (Editor's note: 26 million CFA francs) and 50,000 euros (Editor's note: 32 million CFA francs).

Furthermore, this staggering sum revealed by El Professor quickly became a source of controversy on the web.