End of Marburg virus outbreak in Equatorial Guinea, says WHO

Equatorial Guinea: Marburg virus epidemic kills 9

Health authorities in Equatorial Guinea have confirmed the presence of 13 cases of Marburg virus, an extremely deadly viral hemorrhagic fever, of which 9 have already succumbed to the infection. The WHO is closely monitoring the situation and has also reported an outbreak of the disease in Tanzania.

Marburg virus, transmitted by fruit bats, belongs to the same family of viruses as Ebola. Symptoms of infection include fever, fatigue, vomiting and bleeding diarrhea. There are currently no approved vaccines or antiviral treatments for this disease.

Equatorial Guinea’s Health Ministry said 825 contact cases have been recorded since the outbreak began, and only one patient has recovered. The WHO has urged the government to officially report these cases, and is closely monitoring the situation in Equatorial Guinea as well as Tanzania.

This outbreak of Marburg virus in Equatorial Guinea highlights the need for constant vigilance against emerging infectious diseases and the implementation of adequate prevention and control measures. WHO continues to work with local health authorities to monitor and contain the spread of the disease.