After CAN 2023, Emilio Nsue suspended by the Federation of Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea: Emilio Nsue comes out of silence after his exclusion

Suspended by the Football Federation of Equatorial Guinea for disciplinary reasons, upon the return of Nzalang Nacional from CAN 2023 in Ivory Coast, Emilio Nsue and his teammate in the selection, Iban Edu, also excluded from the national team, reacted Thursday evening, during a live on Instagram.

Author of 5 goals during Equatorial Guinea’s exemplary run at CAN 2023, Emilio Nsue was excluded from Nzalang Nacional, upon the return of the national team to Conakry. FEGUIFUT has in fact excluded the attacker from the selection for “ several episodes of serious indiscipline“. His teammate Iban Edu was also suspended for his unprofessional behavior in Ivory Coast, which led to the ” damage to reputation and image ” from the country.

“Cancers”, “corrupt”, “illiterate” and “thieves”

Sanctions which did not take long to react to those mainly concerned, who responded Thursday evening, during a live broadcast on Instagram. Facing the camera, the top scorer in the history of the Equatorial Guinea team with 22 goals in 43 matches, who received the support of all his teammates for the occasion, accused the leaders of FEGUIFUT of having misappropriated 800,000 dollars in bonuses and not having paid the hotel where the selection was staying in the land of the Elephants.

They kicked me out without any explanation, they invented a disciplinary gap. They humiliated me in front of the whole world“, railed Nsue, in comments relayed by Afrik-Foot. Before making serious accusations against its leaders: “ These cancers and corrupt people who manage football in Equatorial Guinea took 1 million euros. They want to change the sporting project and bring in Brazilians. You are shameless, we are the tenth best team on the African continent. (…)“.

And to continue: “ They falsified vaccination records for the African Cup. They take money from everywhere, they owe us money and they steal it. They are cancers, we give them our money that we shouldn’t have and they still complain. They want to take us to play against the Aragon national team. This is the intellectual level of these illiterates and thieves.

To continue with them would be a humiliation

Emilio Nsue and Iban Edu also accused the Equatoguinean Federation of having forced coach Juan Miche to corroborate the facts alleged against the two Nzalang Nacional executives. Which the latter refused. In any case, the two players swear not to return to the selection as long as these “corrupt” people are in power.

You are the worst in Equatorial Guinea. It’s either you or us, we’ll go all the way. Corrupt, cancerous and shameless. The Nzalang will continue but with this president and his board of directors, we are not going to come back. To continue with them would be a humiliation. I’m going to die for my country, I’m going to kick the butt for the people and let them enjoy it. The selection is above everything and everyone. Long live Nzalang and Equatorial Guinea “, urged Nsue.