After CAN 2023, Emilio Nsue suspended by the Federation of Equatorial Guinea

Emilio Nsue: CAN 2023 top scorer accused of playing illegally for Equatorial Guinea

Emilio Nsue, top scorer at CAN 2023 with five goals, played for 11 years for the Equatorial Guinea national team without having the right to do so, according to FIFA.

Between March 2013 and January 2024, he played 42 matches and scored 23 goals for this team, despite the ban. The FIFA disciplinary committee discovered this infraction, making its decision public on June 3 after taking it on May 10.

Born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain to a Spanish mother and an Equatorial Guinean father, Nsue began his international career with Spain's youth teams, notably playing a match at the 2011 European Espoirs Championship. he requested to change his sporting nationality, but his request was refused by FIFA.

At that time, players had to have dual nationality before their first international match and obtain approval from FIFA, which still applies today. Despite this refusal, Nsue continued to play for Equatorial Guinea.

After his first matches for Equatorial Guinea, FIFA took charge of the case in 2013, imposing fines and canceling two matches. However, this did not deter Nsue from continuing his career with this team, where he even served as captain.

Furthermore, it was not until 2024 that FIFA reopened the case and inflicted two defeats on the green carpet on Equatorial Guinea for the 2026 World Cup qualifying matches played in November against Namibia and Liberia.