Elimination  CdM 2026: the list of Comoros for Madagascar and Chad

Elimination CdM 2026: the list of Comoros for Madagascar and Chad

The Comoros national coach, Stefano Cusin, unveiled this Friday the list of players selected for the June regrouping, dedicated to the next two days of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers in the Africa zone.

The Coelacanths, leaders of Group I, are preparing for two decisive meetings in their qualification campaign. They will face Madagascar on June 7 in Johannesburg, followed by a match against Chad on June 11 in Oujda. For these clashes, coach Stefano Cusin revealed this Friday, May 24, a list of 24 players selected to represent the Comoros.

The group convened by Cusin is mainly made up of experienced players, well-versed in the challenges of the playoffs. Among them, essential executives such as Faïz Selemani, Youssouf M'Changama, Kassim Mdahoma and El Fardou Ben Mohamed.

The coach also introduced some new additions to his squad. The return of Faïz Mattoir, absent from the field for two years due to injuries, is particularly notable. Mattoir will bring additional dynamism and depth to the team. In addition, Rayan Lutin, who has proven himself with the U20s, gets his first call-up to the senior team, bringing a touch of youth and potential.

The Comoros list for Madagascar and Chad

Goalkeepers: Ben Salim Boina, Yannick Pandor, Adel Anzimati-Aboudou

Defenders: Abdel Akim Abdallah, Younn Zahary, Ahmed Soilihi, Raimane Daou, Abdallah Ali Mohamed, Kassim Mdahoma, Mohamed Youssouf, Saïd Bakari

Midfield: Aymeric Ahmed, Rayan Lutin, Youssouf Mchangama, Rafidine Abdullah, Bendjaloud Youssouf, Yacine Bourhane, Iyad Mohamed

Attackers: Faïz Selemani, Ibroihim Youssouf, Adel Mahamoud, Myziane Maolida, El Fardou Ben Mohamed, Faïz Mattoir