DRC: A Belgian behind bars following the “coup d’état” in Kinshasa

DRC: A Belgian behind bars following the “coup d’état” in Kinshasa

Jean-Jacques Wondo, a graduate of the Royal Military Academy, has been detained for 48 hours by the Congolese military intelligence service.

The strange aborted coup attempt, carried out on Sunday May 19 in Kinshasa by Christian Malanga, has continued to generate comments and cause victims in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Since Wednesday, it is Jean-Jacques Wondo, recognized specialist in defense issues, soldier graduated from the Belgian Royal Military School (ERM), of Belgian nationality, who has been deprived of his liberty and interviewed by the military intelligence services in this case.

Jean-Jacques Wondo had recently joined the team of advisors of another Congolese intelligence service (the National Intelligence Agency – ANR). There, he found a former fellow student of the ERM, retired colonel-doctor Daniel Lusadusu, appointed head of this service on August 1, less than five months before an important electoral cycle, by President Félix Tshisekedi with the “mission to humanize”according to the presidential remarks, a service which had shone for years for its ability to violently repress all voices that were even slightly discordant.

Jean-Jacques Wondo was caught by a photo from 2017 where we see him with Christian Malanga. The intelligence services accuse him of ongoing contacts with the leader of this coup d’état”explains a diplomat who adds: “Malanga was a whimsical man who called everyone. Jean-Jacques Wondo must have been one of his favorite targets given his military specialist hat”. Others also recall the images that circulated of Christian Malanga in the company of Cardinal Ambongo and other Catholic bishops. “Being photographed with personalities is a national sport in the Democratic Republic of Congo”continues our interlocutor.

Jean-Jacques Wondo would still have been in contact with Christian Malanga a few days before his attempted coup. Messages confirming this scenario were allegedly found in the phone of the mutineer killed on May 19.

Tensions between Services

For several sources, all of whom ask to remain anonymous “given the current level of tensions in Kinshasa”Jean-Jacques Wondo is a “way to reach your boss” and former companion of the ERM who “too soft in repression”.

It is obvious that the ex-Demiap, military intelligence, led by General Christian Ndaywell (also of Belgian nationality, Editor’s note) is much more reactive and much scarier than the ANR”, explains a Kinshasa resident who recalls the recent feats of arms of this service in the muscular arrest and detention of the opponent Salomon Kalonda or in what was described as “suicide” of the MP and former Minister of Transport Chérubins Okende.

The era of Belgian securocrats

Kinshasa would therefore be shaken by a war of services which are all in the hands of Belgian officials and all under the rule of Jacques Tshisekedi, the internal security coordinator within the personal services of the Head of State. This coordinator is none other than the brother of the President of the Republic who, also, and unlike his brother, opted for Belgian nationality.

The name of Inzun Kakiak, former head of the ANR who became ambassador to Congo Brazzaville, is already mentioned in Kinshasa to succeed Daniel Lusadusu.

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